Fred’s Spaghetti sauce/gravy

Steps: 1 through 5. (make sure pot is large enough for Sauce (no – meat, Gravy – with meat)

1–Brown 1 to 2 #’s of beef. (can use other meat, chicken, pork, deer etc. (this makes gravy)

2–(for sauce) start with (or add for gravy) 3 (28 oz). Crushed tomatoes, (add other vegetables, celery, peppers, or any other vegetables.) (don’t forget the size of your pot) (Too many vegetables make it a stew)

3–large tomato paste (at least of 3 large cans, or 6 small cans).

4–3 cans of water (from crushed tomato cans.) then add spices. Garlic 2-3 cloves (diced or crushed)

Oregano (½ to 1 cup), Basil 1 tbs.), Parsley (1 ½ to 1 cup), Black and red crushed pepper (to taste), Paprika (to taste)

5-Add diced (small pieces) of “large” onion. Add after meat and tomatoes and water are in pot) Add about 1-2 tsp sugar. (I do not use salt, not required do to salt in tomatoes.)

Stir sauce occasionally, and don’t let the mixture burn to bottom of pot. Don’t add too much water to make it “watery”. Don’t rinse pasta after cooking, the sauce sticks better to pasta.

Add Parmesan or Romano, or both, but don’t add cheese to sauce when cooking!

This makes about a gallon (><) of sauce/gravy. Enjoy!

[to make smaller portion “cut items”, tomatoes, paste, meat, and condiments]


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